Setting the Standard in Glycol Dehydration Training

While some might not recognize the importance of Triethylene Glycol Regenerative Gas Dehydration systems, professionals in the oil and gas industry understand the crucial role in production. Additionally, their care and maintenance is a process that is quite detailed and a highly specialized area of service.  GLY-TECH entered the service area in 1986 and has […]

Providing the Absolute Best in Steam Blow Methods: SILENTSTEAM

Conventional cleaning steam path components produce temperature and pressure cycling that cause undesirable stresses on tubes, headers, and other equipment while generating functional cleaning forces for only a fraction of each cycle’s time. Traditional steam blows take more time and disrupt workers and the surrounding community because of excessive noise. The SILENTSTEAM method from GLY-TECH […]

Busting Vapors and Barriers with the VOC/BTEX Eliminator

With the attention and importance of good environmental stewardship, emissions control has been the primary focus of carbon capture discussions. To accomplish winning results, companies are revitalizing procedures and developing new equipment designed to win in the game of compliance. GLY-TECH has developed its own solution to emission concerns with its VOC/BTEX Eliminator. Designed to […]