Job Classification:

This position requires that a person have the willingness and ability to learn effectively, follow client request and understand the concept of gas dehydration processes and troubleshooting. This position is an experienced position having had 2 years or more dehydration troubleshooting, process equipment and understanding of production process equipment. The position is with a 24/7/365 on call requirement. The expected duration and timeframe in this respective position is a minimum 2-5 years with general knowledge of the glycol system chemical cleaning process being performed in that timeframe. Having the ability to follow directions, work alone on assigned tasks, meet performance goals and be continuously mentored, trained and groomed to a career path of becoming a Sr. Process Technician. 

Required Skills:

  • Identify, utilize and understand all tools associated with performing a chemical cleaning job. Exhibit proficiency and safe use of these tools.
  • Understand and use all PPE required for maximum protection for any task during cleaning job.
  • Understand the Regen skid/Glycol system circulatory path.
  • Understand and perform the proper hook up points & tie-ins application for suction & discharge points used in common cleaning jobs.
  • Understanding and troubleshooting knowledge of gas dehydration process equipment.

Know and understand the Individual components of the Glycol System and how they work.

  • Reboiler
  • Contact Tower
  • Surge Tank
  • Separator
  • Heat Exchanges
  • Misc. Vessels (Still Column, Stahl Column)
  • Associated Piping (Hot loop/Cold loop)

Know, understand and perform the process of chemical cleaning a Glycol System and dehydration specialty components. Identify what is the best chemical application needed for the cleaning process. Identify the step-by-step process needed to complete the cleaning task.

  • Reboiler
  • Contact Tower
  • Surge Tank
  • Separator
  • Heat Exchanges
  • Misc. Vessels (Still Column, Stall Column)
  • Associated Piping

Working Knowledge of Gas Dehydration:

  • Safely use any/all tools and lifting slings associated and commonly used during spotting and positioning of equipment, material and chemical tote tanks while cleaning operations are taking place and being assisted by crane operations.
  • Safely perform the complete isolation of all components of the glycol dehydration system and associated piping to perform the chemical cleaning process.
  • Understand, instruct and mentor Mechanic level employees in knowing proper hand signals used in communicating to crane operator during station-to-station lifts.
  • Monitor and maintain normal chemical levels in all vessels during circulation stage of the cleaning job.
  • Understand and complete and give a tailgate JSA meeting for the chemical cleaning process and/or troubleshooting scope of work for that day’s assignment. (Pump change outs, sampling, tuning burners, adding chemical, pulling components)
  • Explain and perform the neutralization process of all spent cleaning fluids. Use all required and proper PPE for the job.
  • Utilize the MSDS and Product Bulletins for hazards/risk associated with the cleaning chemical(s) being used during the cleaning process.

Safe Work Practices – Training requirements:

  1. Attend in-house, new employee 40 hour training classes within the first week of being hired. Training includes: API Rigging, Confined Space Rescue, Confined Space Entrant/Attendant, Fall Protection, First Aid/CPR, Respirator Fit Test, Hazard Communication, Hazwoper, H2S, Lockout/Tag-out, Respiratory Protection, T-2, and Offshore HUET, SafeGulf and TWIC requirements. Some Forklift certifications to apply and are designated on a per person basis. *Course quiz and/or test issued. Pass with a minimum of 80%. Certification issued.
  2. Attend Gly-Tech’ 3-day Glycol Dehydration School. *Course quiz and/or test given. Pass with minimum of 80%. Certification issued.
  3. Additional Technical, third party specific training as needed per product or equipment use. (Job specific)
  4. Attend a minimum of 1 Monthly Corporate Safety Meeting per quarter.
  5. Attend all on-site site specific training and client orientation required.
  6. Identify all evacuation/escape routes on site specific location in the event an emergency evacuation is required.
  7. Attend all pre-job, scope of work and/or tailgate JSA meetings before days work to begin. 

Fit for Duty – Policy:

Gly-Tech Services, Inc. has adopted this policy to inform employees of the Fit for Duty Policy. This ensures the safety and health of the employees. Management is responsible for ensuring that the following policy is enforced.

Pre-employment Physical

To ensure that all employees are physically capable of performing their job function, Gly-Tech Services, Inc. ensures that pre-employment physicals are included in the hiring process, and are also required when changing into certain job functions and different environments. 

Drug and Alcohol Testing 

It is the policy of Gly-Tech Services, Inc. that drug and alcohol testing for pre-employment, postaccident, or random will be conducted only by a laboratory certified by the U.S. Department of Health and Humans Services (HHS) under the National Laboratory Certification Program (NLCP). 

Testing Procedures – Pre-employment

Any offer of employment is deemed conditional upon the potential employee having a negative test result for drugs

Pre-employment Drug testing shall be scheduled by the hiring supervisor directly with the third-party service provider immediately upon acceptance by the candidate of a conditional offer of employment. Testing should be done in a location most likely to ensure timely receipt of the results. Pre-employment test results will be reported by the Medical Review Officer.

Testing Procedures – Employees

Any person who requires an employee to be tested for alcohol or drugs must tell the employee beforehand why the test is being requested. Any employee who refuses a request to be tested is in breach of this policy and may be subject to disciplinary action that may include termination of employment.

When testing for either alcohol or drugs is to occur, Gly-Tech Services, Inc. will direct the employee to a sample collection site designated by a third-party service provider and provide transportation to the site. At Gly-Tech Services, Inc. discretion, a qualified technician may be brought to the worksite to conduct the testing. 

Safe Work Practices

It is the determination of Gly-Tech Services, Inc. that all employees will be informed of the safe work practices and procedures in the workplace. Examples might include:

  • Lockout Tag-out
  • Process Safety Management
  • Asbestos Awareness
  • Electrical safety, etc

Prescription and Over-the-Counter Medications

It is the policy of Gly-Tech Services, Inc. that all employees must notify their supervisor when taking any prescription or over-the-counter medication that could impair their ability to work safely. Over-the Counter medications such as allergy or cold and flu medications could also impair one‘s ability to perform safely and must be reported to their supervisor

Employee Monitoring

To determine if an employee should be removed from the work site, Gly-Tech Services, Inc. will monitor employee behaviors and activities based on the Behavior Based Safety Policy. 

Employee Responsibility 

Employees are responsible for notifying their supervisors if they are fatigued to the point of not being able to perform their duties safely.

Employees are also responsible for ensuring they are physically and mentally fit to perform their job function safely, they must take responsibility for their own safety as well as not reporting to work in a condition that could endanger their fellow workers. 

Methodology of Knowledge

Gly-Tech Services, Inc. provides a practical learning experience both in the classroom setting and as a hands-on experience. By doing so, the training provided is used a gauge to what the respective employee has grasped in the designated timeframe for the employed position. It allows management to ensure that the employee has the ability to understand and reciprocate information back before, during and after job assignments are performed. The critical process used is the requirements designated by our client base in that we employ the training necessary to satisfactorily provide well trained competent personnel. The training process by Gly-Tech Services, Inc. standards is that annual refresher training is performed with scope specific certification training also given on a need as basis throughout the course of a calendar year. At any given time, our client base is allowed to audit and assess our training records and we are required to supply as requested.

Training our employees and honing their skills are priority and by performing hands-on field audits by a qualified mentor/trainer or HSE representative we are able to gauge the employee’s ability to know and understand his assigned duty. With course specific testing, quizzing, as well as the use of the ISN, Veriforce and other contractor operator qualification entry data bases, we remain in compliance with client requirements. As with all certifications, Gly-Tech Services, Inc. requires a level of competency to be observed by a qualified senior employee and with that a minimum of 80% pass rate be accomplished. Annual appraisals reviews and in person sit down sessions are performed with the Operations Managers and a career path with steps to accomplished goals and specific guidelines are established in a continuous effort for that employee to get to the next level of competency.